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Testimonial from Abi and Vernon Latham - 2008

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you again for working with us and designing our lovely new home. As I have reflected on the process and looked back over my check list of wants etc., I have realised that you did indeed give us everything we asked for. Sounds silly but you loose sight of things in the building process and then as it comes together and you see it, you get reminded of your original plan!

You delivered superbly on our desires of 'observation deck, modern beachy bachy, very smart clever but not too expensive, excellent light for south section, open, airy, great outdoor entertainment and lovely flow, a real difference in looks, super lines and oh the list goes on.

You have also been so helpful with all sorts of advice as we have waded our way through the building journey. We love our new home, and are very proud to recommend you to everyone who compliments it - and we have had many many compliments on its looks already.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You did a terrific job, and on top of that it was a genuine pleasure getting to know you and working with you.

Warmest regards

Abi and Vernon and co.


Testimonial from David and Lil Sparrow - 2006

In November 2005 my wife and I purchased a section in Whakatane with the purpose of building ourselves a home. Many would say a daunting task and some saying not worth the effort in this new highly regulated society and to just go out and purchase a spec home. However we were unable to find a spec home that suited us, so building a new home was best option for us.

My first task was to select a person suitably qualified to draw a set of plans for our new home. Having Lived in Whakatane for more than fifty years gave me the opportunity to ask around and after about three weeks I was pointed in the direction of Kelvin Couchman from Alchemy Architectural design Ltd.

There were a few things I needed to know. Was Kelvin up to speed with new council requirements, as I had heard of horror stories of plans taking months and months to get through council? Also was Kelvin a man of his word, would he complete what he said he could in the time stipulated and of course, how much was this going to cost. After talking to Kelvin and other people who had used Alchemy Architectural Design Ltd, I felt that Kelvin was able to provide what I was looking for at a fair price.

The results.
Kelvin set down a time frame to complete the plans to council specification, but he actually completed this with time to spare. He also kept us informed of the progress, which we really appreciated. Kelvin then provided us with the sets of plans, specifications and all the various details that the council required for a building consent. The council administrator involved in the permit process said that these plans were the best that he had ever been presented with. However the proof is in the end result. THE COUNCIL APROVED ALL BUILDING CONSENTS IN 13 WORKING DAYS. This is unheard of with the new building regulations now in force. The plans also had enough detail for the Building suppliers and sub contractors to price the project quickly and accurately. Many of the contractors commented on the excellent quality of the plans.

If you are looking for someone who is honest, has integrity and has the ability to communicate, all at a more than fare price then as far as my wife and I are concerned look no further. Thanks again Kelvin an awesome job well done.

David and Lil Sparrow


Testimonial from Carolyn and Ewen Mason - 2006

We are about to embark on designing our third house with Kelvin and this should be testament enough to our confidence in his work.

He has been able to interpret our plans and desires superbly. He has reflected these in three very different homes that we have loved living in. His creativity and flair has always given our homes that “extra edge”. We have been totally satisfied with all his designs and would never have changed anything after living in them, which is always amazing!

Being satisfied customers is only part of the equation. What we really love about Kelvin is his manner, availability, patience, humour and understanding. He is so easy to relate to, making a stressful job a lot more manageable. As an added bonus, Kelvin is very efficient with his plans. We often receive the first drawings within weeks. Changes have always been minor and our builders have never had a problem following them.

In all we recommend Kelvin to anyone entering the building experience. He is a highly regarded draftsman and one we have built up a rapport with as a professional and “all round” great guy. Our thanks to him for the support and advice he has given over the years to have kept the building bug alive in us.

Kind regards

Carolyn and Ewen Mason